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Icom AH-730 Antenne tuner 1.8-50Mhz

Perfekt match til din Icom transiver, når du ønsker tune i fødepunktet.

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Remote Control with Icom Transceivers IC-7300, IC-7610 and IC-7100

Tunable frequency range 1.8-54 Mhz, with 7m antenna or more
Maximum input power 150 Watt (PEP), 100 Watt continous
Impendance 50 Ω (SO-239)
Power requirement for tuning
5-15 Watt
Tuning time (Approximate) 2-3 sec (normal), Max 15 sec
Tuning accuracy vswr 2.0:1 or less
Compatible antennas Longwire or whipantenna
IPX4 (Water resistant)

The tuner case uses a high-strength resin.

The tuner is tested to IPX4 water splash protection

Dimensions (W × H × D) 230 × 80 × 340 mm, 2,5 KG

Supplied Accessories:

Control cable (10 m, 32.8 ft)

Mounting kit (U-bolts and plates)

Weatherproof cap


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