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spektrum analysator, signal-generator, og vektoranalysator i et

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LibreVNA 100kHz - 6GHz USB based full 2-port vector network analyzer

LibreVNA (TM) is a USB based full 2-port vector network analyzer designed by Jankae. Using 3 ADCs to sample data simultaneously and using FPGAs for signal processing, it is capable of scanning over 10,000 points of full dual-port measurements in less than 1 second. The ultra-low noise power supply design and the use of 16bit ADC, together with the precision CNC's aluminum shielded housing, achieve up to 100dB of effective dynamics. Many aspects are already comparable to lab-grade VNAs, but this is still a work-in-progress project. Some design features may not be perfect, especially the performance will drop when the frequency is higher than 3GHz, please fully understand the possible limitations before buying this machine. If you have any suggestions for future releases, please feel free to contact us as well.




Test Port Connector

SMA, female

Number of Test Port


Frequency Range

100kHz to 6GHz

Frequency Accuracy


Number of Measurement Points

2 to 4501

Speed 2-port - 4000 pts

<500ms (IFBW=50 kHz )

Measurement Bandwidths

10Hz to 50kHz

Dynamic range (IFBW 10Hz)

> 95 dB to 3GHz

> 50 dB to 6 GHz (Note 1)

Measurement parameters

S11, S21, S12, S22

Reflection directivity

> 40 dB (after calibration) (Note 2)

Output power

-40 dBm to 0 dBm (Note 3)

Power Supply

DC 5V, 1.5A(USB powered, or 3.5mm connector)

Power consumption

approx. 7W.


USB type-C

Supported Operating System

Windows, Linux, MacOS.
(Only 64-bit software is available for now)

External Reference Input

SMA female; 10 MHz;

External Reference Output

SMA female; 10 MHz or 100MHz;

Further measurement options

Simple spectrum analyzer
(Lack of mirror suppression and slower speed)

Signal generator
(Not precisely calibrated)

Note 1:Due to structural limitations, S12 isolation is 10dB worse than S21. Above 3GHz, the performance decreases with increasing frequency, and the port isolation is only 50dB at 6GHz. Below 1MHz, the performance decreases with decreasing frequency, and the effective dynamic decreases to 70dB at 100kHz.

Note 2:The use of higher accuracy calibrators allows for higher precision measurements.

Note 3:The output power may decrease when the frequency is lower than 1MHz or higher than 3GHz.

LibreVNAis a trademark that we have registered or are in the process of registering in several countries. If you are building a VNA based on an open source project, please avoid using this trademark.

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